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[FIC] Chocolate Love Relay 7/10

Title: Chocolate Love Relay
Authors:lucid_acolyte  and sassydork 
Rating: PG 13 (for some words)
Characters: Henry, Amber, Victoria, Hangeng, Heechul, Super Junior, F(X)
Warnings: AU, swear words, yaoi? 8D
Summary: They said that eating chocolate can be compared to feeling in love. However, they also said that it's still an imitation and can't be compared to the real one. So can a

chocolate coated love ever turn into a true one? Or it'll just stay as is, melting when things get bad leaving only a sticky mess behind?
A/N: Un-betaed. Sorry for the grammar brain's half asleep now. T__T

1st Chocolate: I got you babe, my Chocolate love

2nd Chocolate: Sulli, Sulli, Sulli, I hate you, I'll kill you!!
3rd Chocolate: I can't stand this bitch next to me, Can I kill her 'till she's no more?
4th Chocolate: I called you Butterfly, Ring Ding Dong!
Chocolate drabbles: First batch
5th Chocolate: Oh my stupid Geng, can't you see she's not the one?
Chocolate drabbles: second batch
6th Chocolate: Do it do it Kyu~ Do it with...Min, KYU?!

7th Chocolate: Baby, breathe before you react.

"Sulli, Amber's on the phone."

"I'm BUSY!!!"

"She says it's important." Siwon entered Sulli's room and gave the phone to his sister who's currently annhilataing another player's teritory. When Sulli took no notice, Siwon doesn't have any choice but to hold the phone beside her ear trying his best not to listen to his sister's conversation.

Or Amber's Monologue.

"CHOI SULLI! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!!" Amber's frantic voice can be heard through the speaker. She then proceeded on talking nonstop while Sulli, on the other hand, was barely paying attention. She just said "Yeah,okay, whatever. Yes!" which made Siwon think that she's not the right person to ask if it's a matter of life and death. He was about to suggest for her to listen since Amber might really need her help when the said person hang up. He just sighed and turned off the phone.

"You should've listened to Amber. What if it's important? You need to prioritize your friends over your online games." Siwon preached, already in his big brother mode.

Sulli just scoffs while targeting another territory of the said player. "You're just jealous. I bet your level is around 5 and your class type is dumb."

Siwon bristled at Sulli's tone. " For your information, I'm now on level 733 and I'm a fearless type! I can gain energy faster than other players so that gives me the advantage on winning the war!" He defended which made Sulli roll her eyes.

"Whatever oppa. Come back to me when you're able to defeat Lady Heesica and her mafia family. I can't believe my own brother can't even win a sissy game in mafia wars." Siwon was about to retaliate when Sulli cut him off.



Somewhere in Seoul...



"Not now Mochi. He's in the zone. Let's ignore him."


Heechul stared at Hangeng as he charmed his way with the clerk. He should be proud that he was able to coax the other out of his shell but a part of him wanted to scratch other people's eyes out . He can't understand himself. He wanted this to happen for a long time. He had always been a vindictive person and to see Hangeng taking what's rightfully his made his mind happy. However, his heart begs to differ.

"Hannie...let's go eat." He tugged at the other's arm to get his attention. Hangeng nodded at him before giving a wink to the clerk. "Sure princess. Where to?"

"I want to eat some Beijing fried rice. Let's go back and cook for me." Heechul was about to walk when Hangeng stopped him.

"Why don't we eat outside? It's much better..."

He eyed him with narrow eyes, "And..."

"..and I don't want to cook. It messes up with my face. I need to stay away from the heat." Hangeng had the gall to be sheepish as Heechul gaped at him. He closed his mouth and had come to a resolve.

"Fine. Treat me some Deokbokki and I might forgive you." Hangeng gave him an apologetic smile. "It would be bad for my image to be seen on such dirty places. Why don't we eat on a restaurant. My treat?" Heechul calmed himself as he nodded.

As they make their way towards a French restaurant, Heechul made his decision to order the most expensive food there.


Amber stared at the two papers infront of her. One holds her dream of being friends with her idol whilst the other holds the hope that the love of her life ("EW..." "Shut up Sulli.") might like her back. Amber chuckled. Even in her imagination, Sulli would pop like a mushroom. She then thought of their conversation earlier.

Flashback (or Amber's point of view)

"So what do you think? Should I go? I mean it's not like Henry really asked me out right?"


"...but what if he's really asking me out? Like a date DATE? On the other hand, this is a once in a lifetime chance!"


"Sulli, help me. Should I just go and pick the other then tell Henry I can't make it?"


"Are you sure? "


"Thanks Sulli! You're the best! Bye~!"

End flashback.

Well...Sulli did say she should go meet up with Krystal so maybe it was the right choice. Amber sighed...maybe fangirling is really thicker than love.


Kim Heechul.

26 years old.

He had come from a well-off family who owns several chains of hotel. He had always been independent though so by the age of 16, he'd been working his ass off just to save for his dream cafe.

At the age of 23, he entered a business partnership with his lifelong friend, Choi Siwon. Together they built the Sapphire Blue which is a fine dining restaurant by day (owned by Siwon) and the hottest host club at night (owned by Heechul).

At the age of 25, he made his dream come true and opened Chocolate Love Cafe.

At the age of 26, he wanted to act like a five years old and throw a tantrum. The cause was the person sitting infront of him, talking to someone over the phone.

He would've let it pass if it's the first time...but it was the fifth time and every time, it was a different caller!

He stared at Geng as he unconsciously mutilate his cake for dessert. It was their day off and as per tradition, they spent the day with each's just that Hangeng barely paid attention to him. He was about to stand up when Hangeng ended the call. "Sorry about that. Jessica was a bit chattier than usual and..." he tuned out the other's explanation and continued mutilating the innocent cake. When he realized that Hangeng was waiting for a reply, he was about to snark out his displeasure when Hangeng's phone interrupted again. Hangeng held up his finger to tell him it'll be just a minute (or maybe fifteen at the least). He rolled his eyes, throw in some bills on the table and walked out of the restaurant leaving Hangeng unaware.


Jonghyun looked at Luna and Krystal as they pick up the clothes they want to wear on their next gig. He knew what the two was planning and he didn't like it. Not one bit.

"I really think you should not do this. She's our fan. You always say you love our fans right?"

Luna looked at Kyrstal before shrugging," All's fair in love and war." Jonghyun was about to reply when Kystal cut him off.

"Jonghyun-oppa, do you think I look good in this?" Krystal then showed a pretty short dress. Jonghyun just stared like the other had grown another head. Raising his hand as a sign of surrender, he left the two giggling girls.

"Complicated girls."


Hangeng looked into the mirror. Everything seems to be in perfect order but something doesn't feel right. He then glanced at his watch and saw it was time to go to the club. He then remembered what happened earlier when Heechul left him alone in the restaurant. Why would the other do that? Given, it was a bit rude for him to answer calls during their meal but what was he suppose to do? Heechul himself told him that he needed to be be friendly and should not take down calls. So why was he acting like he killed Heebum or something? He would never understand how his bestfriend's mind work.

"Maybe he's really missing my fried rice?" the dork in him quipped but he quickly shut it up. It won't do if he turned back to the old Hangeng. Afterall, Heechul would have a fit if his masterpiece was ruined. He gave a bitter smile. Why was he even doing this if he can't seem to please the man he really wanted to smile?


"Why so down hyung?" Zhoumi asked as Heechul slumped over the table near the counter. It was closing time and fortunately, Victoria wasn't in the cafe so she wouldn't witness Heechul wallow.

Or something because Kim Heechul never get depressed.

"I'm depressed Seasoning." ok..scratch that.

The smiling man stopped what he was doing before turning to his hyung. "Why?"

"I want to eat fried rice but Hannie doesn't want to cook anymore." Heechul pouted. Zhoumi knew it was more than that but he choose not to voice it out since he still wants to live for a long time.

"Make me some fried rice seasoning!" Zhoumi went over Heechul's table and hugged him.

"I'm sorry hyung...I can't replace Gege. You'll always know the difference." Heechul looked at him and shrugged knowing Zhoumi meant more than cooking.

Unknown to them, a pair of envious eyes watched them before turning away. As he pass by a homeless person, he left what he had brought to the old man. The man grinned at him before thanking him for the rice.


Amber stood in front of Myleen's knowing her favorite band was just a door away. She checked her reflection on the glass window before entering. She doesn't want to be embarrased infront of Eightrea and...

She stopped dead when she saw the inside.

For there were only elderly couples inside and not even a hair of any Eightrea members.

She had been had.


"Hey!" Sulli greeted as she saw Henry standing infront of Sapphire Blue. Henry looked at her with a smile before giving her a hug. "Hi Sulli. How are you?"

"I'm fine. What are you doing here?" Sulli she returned it before letting go.

"I'm waiting for someone..." Henry blushes a bit which made Sulli laugh. She nudged at him as she wiggle her eyebrows. "Waiting for Amber. That's what you mean." Henry sputtered before nodding slightly. Sulli shrieked before hugging Henry. "That's good! When it goes well, you have to treat me!"

Laughing, Henry patted her back before letting go. "Sure Sulli. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't meet her." Unknown to others, Sulli and Henry had been close friends and she was actually the reason why Amber had come to know Henry's existence.

"You're welcome then. And I mean it! You have to treat me~!" Sulli said in a sing-song voice. Henry just laughed again as he held the door open. "Sure. So wish me luck."

After Sulli left, Henry looked at his clock. Amber's running a bit late and he's getting worried.

'Maybe I should call her...' He then thought against it. It may come as too pushy and he didn't want to scare Amber away.

He bit his lips. 'Maybe he didn't saw the paper? I never confirmed it to her...maybe she's....' His mind trailed when he felt someone held his hand. He smiled and turned to the person beside him only to end up with a frown.

"What are you doing here Krystal? I thought I said I never want to see you again." He said in a cold tone.

Krystal just beamed at him, ignoring his cold stares. "Maybe you want some company oppa. It seems like your date ditched you." Henry narrowed his eyes. Something tells him that whatever made Amber late, Krystal's the reason.

He roughly took his hand away and started walking away. He then turned and gave Krystal a fierce glare. "It's none of your business. And for the last time, don't come near me again."

Krystal's scrunched up knowing their first plan failed. Time for plan B then as she took her cellphone out. "Hello Luna-unnie...time for plan B."


Days passed. Heechul kept avoiding Hangeng and the latter was at his wit's end. For the last five years of his life, Heechul had always been a constant in his life. Eversince their friendship started, the other had always been there. He had seen his worst and celebrated with him at his best. So why was he avoiding him?

He then thought of what he had seen before. Maybe Zhoumi and Heechul were an item now. That's why he wasn't paying any attention to him. Yet why didn't they tell him then? He would ask Zhoumi but it was his day off. He can't talk to Siwon because the other man might just laugh and...

"Hankyung-ssi...can you stop doing that? You're making me dizzy." Victoria as she pushed Hangeng on his chest. The other snapped like he was in a dream before looking at the girl in front of him. He then remembered that he did this change because of this girl. The girl that he had been wooing for the longest of time. It was awkward at first but in time, they had learn to co-exist. However, this was the first time they touched and a sudden realization hit him.

He doesn't feel anything.

But how was that possible?

He was in-love with her right?

He had to know.

"Victoria-ssi...can I hug you?" Victoria blushed at Hangeng's straightforward request. She can't help but nod knowing it will bring closure. They held each other in their arms, feeling nothing but awkward warmth. They then looked at each other and knew they had to end it with a kiss. However, as they start to lean in, a sharp gasp broke them apart.

Hangeng felt like the biggest jerk in the planet when he saw Heechul at the door with tears in his eyes.

"Heechul-ssi, it's not..." Victoria tried salvaging the situation but Heechul didn't gave her the chance as he dashed outside. She then looked at Hangeng who's staring at the door in a dazed. She then promptly smacked him in the head.

"Go after him you idiot."


Henry had been avoiding Amber like a plague for the last few days. And it doesn't go unnoticed Sulli's sharp eyes.

"What's wrong with you?"


"What do you mean nothing? I thought you and Henry had something going on and then bam! You're strangers again???"

"We don't have anything going on." Amber said in a monotone which made Sulli a little bit angry. She grabbed Amber's hand and made her look at her.

"Tell that in my face, straight into my eyes." Amber knew that if she did that, Sulli will see her lie so she just shook her hand free and ran.

She felt stupid. She was given the chance to get the love that she wants but she casted it aside just to be with the band that she loved. And to top it all of, she had been stood up. Apparently, there was a mix up in the date and she was late for a day. Krystal had been so regretful that she took her out shopping as an apology. She did get to meet the rest of the band members but deep in her heart, she wasn't happy.

For in exchange with their time....was her chance with Henry.

As she opened her locker, she found an envelope with only her name written on the outside. She opened it and regretted it right away. For inside the envelope, was a picture of Sulli and Henry in an embrace.

"Some friend you are, Choi Sulli."


Heechul ran like crazy. He knew that he doesn't have any destination in mind but he needed to get away. The image of the two haunted him and for the first time, he felt how it was to drown. He knew they did it for Hangeng to get Victoria's attention but he never knew it would be hard to accept the fact that Hangeng would never be his.

He suddenly stopped as he try to catch his breath.

Yes. He finally sees the truth. He smiled a smile so bitter it would put pure chocolates into shame. How did he get tangled in this sticky mess called love?

He kept walking when he suddenly noticed where he was. He gave a small chuckle knowing that some things would never change. He rang the bell for a few times before it was answered. Siwon took one look at him before turning around. For some it may look rude but between them, this was what he need. He then wrapped his arms around Siwon's waist as he bury his face on the back of the other's neck. They stood there for some time when another batch of tears came. Siwon pats his arm and with a soothing voice asked if he was okay.

"I'm just being selfish Siwon-ah..."

Siwon then petted the other's hair to calm him down. "It's alright. One can't help to be selfish when one is in pain."


Amber was livid. How dare Sulli do this to her?

Was she laughing at her now?

Was she just toying with her?

And Henry?Was Henry part of the prank as well?

She had been thinking too deeply that she failed to notice people panicking. She then saw her brother with the traitors, Henry and Sulli.

"Amber! Thank heavens! I was so worried! Didn't you know--" Sulli ran towards her but the moment she was at arm's length, she slapped her. "What's your problem?!"

"You are!" She pushed her aside as she strode over where Henry's at. "Asshole." she then punched him at the gut that made him double over. Sulli came up to her and tried grabbing her arm but Amber was stronger. She pushed her aside, trying her hardest not to let her tears fall. " I trusted you Sulli! If you liked him, you should've told me! You didn't have to lie and deceive me!" She was hurt knowing her bestfriend played with her trust. Sulli looked at her with confusion asking what she had done wrong. Amber then took out the photos and threw it on Sulli's face. "Now tell me you didn't do anything wrong!" Sulli had one look at the photo and knew it was a misunderstanding.

"No Amber! It's nothing like that! Henry and I are just friends! I--" whatever it was Sulli wanted to say was cut off by a sound of a gun. The next thing Amber knew was someone shouting her name before she was shoved into the ground.

Everything was in a haze. She could see Sulli crying and she could feel the dead weight at her back. She turned around and gasped.

"No...No...not him. Please not him." she cradled the body close to her taking no notice of the stain on her shirt. She barely notice the man who made the shot as he was being subdued by the guards. She didn't notice Sulli crying nonstop as she held them both in a tigh embrace. She didn't even know she had been crying and calling the other's name trying to call him, make him look at her once again.

All she knew there was blood...and the possibility of death looming around.


a/n: Uh...don't kill me? ^^ and May~ wait for the other fic I was talking about. I wasn't able to type it. *headdesk
Tags: ! au, ! cris and may are insane and they know, ! fanfic: chocolate love relay, ! pairing: henry/amber, % series, & fandom: f(x), & fandom: shinee, & fandom: super junior, * subject: amber, * subject: donghae, * subject: hangeng, * subject: heechul, * subject: henry, * subject: krystal, * subject: kyuhyun, * subject: siwon, * subject: sulli, * subject: sungmin, * subject: victoria, * subject: zhoumi
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