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[FIC] Chocolate Love Relay 6/10

Title: Chocolate Love Relay
Authors: lucid_acolyte and sassydork
Rating: PG 13 (for some words)
Characters: Henry, Amber, Victoria, Hangeng, Heechul, Super Junior, F(X)
Warnings: AU, swear words, yaoi? 8D
Summary: They said that eating chocolate can be compared to feeling in love. However, they also said that it's still an imitation and can't be compared to the real one. So can a chocolate coated love ever turn into a true one? Or it'll just stay as is, melting when things get bad leaving only a sticky mess behind?

1st Chocolate: I got you babe, my Chocolate love

2nd Chocolate: Sulli, Sulli, Sulli, I hate you, I'll kill you!!
3rd Chocolate: I can't stand this bitch next to me, Can I kill her 'till she's no more?
4th Chocolate: I called you Butterfly, Ring Ding Dong!
Chocolate drabbles: First batch
5th Chocolate: Oh my stupid Geng, can't you see she's not the one?
Chocolate drabbles: second batch

6th Chocolate: Do it do it Kyu~ Do it with...Min, KYU?!

Victoria stared, blinked, and then stared once again. She can’t simply believe it. She just can’t.

Is that really Han Geng? His once pimple-filled face is now as clear as one of those celebrities off the television. His thick-rimmed glasses are gone in place of a pair of contact lenses. His hair styled effortlessly contrast on how it used to stick out all over the place before. His outfit outlines his manly built that she never once realized he had.

In short, Han Geng is now physically different from how he used to be – from head to foot.

“Close your mouth, you’ll catch a fly.” Zhou Mi snapped with a chuckle. She didn’t realize that she’s been gaping (and God knows, she’s probably drooling too) as she examines this new version of Hang Geng. Luckily, he’s too deep in conversation with Heechul and hasn’t caught her yet.

“Is that really Han Geng? Manager Han Geng?” she asked as coherent as possible.

“Believe me, it’s him.” Zhou Mi answered as he joined her on observing Han Geng. “I never thought the transformation would be this good, I can’t believe it’s him when I saw him after the whole process ended.” He continued. “Anyway, you should get back to work before he fires you.”

Victoria nodded half-heartedly and Zhou Mi left her, still gawking at Han Geng. Suddenly, she found herself having an eye contact with Han Geng. Gasping, she quickly turned and busied herself with the coffee maker.

She’s sure that something’s missing in his eyes and it’s definitely not the glasses.


Sungmin restrained himself from kicking Krsytal out as much as possible. So far he’s acting fairly well on being nice with his brother’s ex-girlfriend and even prepared a glass of iced tea for her (and of course, himself). Would it hurt if he put on some rat’s poison in her glass?

“So, how’s touring? I heard you’ve been doing pretty well after leaving Korea.” Sungmin asked conversationally, with slight emphasis to ‘leaving Korea’ trying to trigger the break up between her and his brother.

He can never forgive Krystal Jung for breaking up with his brother even though he understood her stand on it. She did it to pursue her dreams, yes, but she should’ve done the breaking up properly – in front of Henry. Instead, she did it through an e-mail; an unsympathetic e-mail that even listed out Henry’s ridiculous and smallest flaws (‘your hands are freaking calloused from playing the violin, it scares me’, ‘you love your violin more than me’ or ‘you’re paler than me’).

The break up just screams wrong in his head.

“It’s great!” Krystal beamed, ignoring his emphasis. “I’ve learned a lot, along with the guys. We met some great people, too. I guess we really improved a lot as time goes by.” Sungmin could see the stars in Krystal’s eyes and almost felt guilty for thinking bad of her. Almost.

“So oppa, is Henry around? I’m really looking forward on seeing him again.” Sungmin choked on his iced tea at the question.

Of course she’s bound to ask about Henry. Why didn’t he saw that one coming? Who is he kidding? What could be the reason why Krystal is here? Nothing but Henry. Really. The nerve of this girl…

Frantically, he quickly thought of a reason. She cannot see him right now. She would only ruin the brewing romance between Amber and Henry.

Okay, that sounds cheesy.

“Sorry to say but he’s not around. He’s currently on an MT with his org mates and would only come back after 3 days.” Sungmin lied fluidly.

He could see the disappointment in Krystal’s features and he mentally cheered. Yes!

“Oh…okay. I’ll just – ”

“TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME, HENRY LAU!!!” They heard a girly (and a bit…boyish) scream which Sungmin quickly recognized as Amber’s. He mentally face palmed and slowly turned to look at Krystal.

“MT huh?” Krystal raised an eyebrow. Sungmin grinned.

Mission failed.

Damn it.


“DAMN IT HENRY, IF YOU GO NEAR ME WITH THAT THING, I SWEAR, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!” Amber cried out as he kept on chasing her all around the green house.”

“But it’s only a butterfly!” Henry insisted, keeping the butterfly caged between his hands.


“What?! But girls like butterflies!”




Henry kept on chasing her, so Amber chooses to speed towards the green house’s exit. She’s nearing the exit when suddenly two people came approaching. She wasn’t able to stop her feet from running resulting on her crashing to one of them.

“AMBER!” she heard Henry (and Sungmin? – yeah, definitely Sungmin) calling out as she laid there atop what she assumed to be a girl as she found herself covered with the other’s long silky hair. She brushed off the hair away from her face and took a look at the girl below her.

Amber gasped.

“Get. Off. Me.” The girl muttered icily, glaring at Amber.

Still stunned, Amber didn’t make any move until Henry came behind her and helped her up. But her gaze remained intact at the other girl as Henry dusted off some leaves on her pants and shirt.

“Are you okay? Geez, it’s just a butterfly. You shouldn’t fuss about such things.” Henry scowled at Amber.

“K-Krystal…” Amber mumbled, pointing at the girl as she’s being helped up by Sungmin.

“Yeah, yeah, fine, you’re not like that girl from Eightrea who’s obsessed with butterflies.” Henry rolled his eyes, flicking off the last leaf that got stuck on Amber’s pants.

Amber stared at the girl then eyed her from head to foot. She once dreamed for this moment to happen, and now that it’s happening, she can’t do anything but stand there utterly speechless.

“Excuse me, what?” the girl asked, directing the question to Henry whom haven’t taken a single glance at her. This caught his attention. The familiarity of that voice sending shivers to his spine.

“Hyung, what the hell is she doing here?” Henry went, frowning at Krystal’s presence. This alone snapped Amber from her trance and then hissed, “You know her”?!” which got no reply from Henry.

“I was talking on the phone when she suddenly came. I didn’t notice it was her. It’ll be rude if I let her off, though I did try in the nicest way possible but she heard Amber screaming your name. God, I can’t believe you could scream that loud, Josephine.” Sungmin ended his explanation with a chuckle. Amber doesn’t seen to be listening though (it drives her nuts when people call her ‘Josephine’) as she looked back and forth at Henry and Krystal who seems to be fighting a glaring battle.

“Um Krystal, maybe you should – ”

“Who’s she?” Krystal questioned out to no one in particular, cutting off Sungmin’s words, her gaze never leaving Henry’s.

“It’s none of your business. Now leave.” Henry deadpanned.

Krsytal, not having the power to argue at the moment turned to her heels and left with no goodbyes at all. She was almost out of earshot when she heard a frantic demand of, “You should’ve introduced me! I’m an Eightrea fan!”

Krystal smirked, a plan formulating on her head.


The make over is a disaster; to Donghae’s point of view at least.

Oh, it’s honestly perfect, no doubt, but it led his career into a complete downfall (“You’re exaggerating.” “Shut up, Josephine.”).

He was so excited throughout the whole process of Han Geng’s transformation, trying to help as much as he can – though looking back, he wasn’t really able to help at all. Now that it’s all over, everything had fallen out of place. He just simply wished he’s never part of it. Call him selfish and all, but he won’t forgive Heechul for doing all of these and most especially, giving Han Geng a new job – Sapphire Blue’s new host. Like seriously, does he need it anyway?!

“Okay, you should stop. You had enough for the night.” Eunhyuk went, taking the bottle of vodka away from Donghae.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t freaking believe this! Can you believe it Hyuk? Because I can’t!” Donghae ranted, his words rolling out in a slur. “He’s been taking all my clients THE WHOLE NIGHT! The only client I had is Sungmin and it’s just out of pity! I wasn’t even able to shag him – ”

“Dang Donghae, listen to yourself! That, I can’t believe. You’re thinking of doing it with Sungmin? Yeah, you’re definitely drunk.” Eunhyuk cuts off Donghae’s rant with a disapproving look. “And it’s only tonight. You’ll probably get all your clients back by tomorrow. Stop exaggerating.” He ended firmly.

Donghae snorted and glanced back at the booth Han Geng and Ju Ae – his favorite client – occupied as they laughed together, drinking Evereth (which Donghae knew as Han Geng’s favorite drink because Heechul kept complaining about it as Han Geng apparently kept a stash of it on their cupboard, occupying a large space, but he knew better that it’s Heechul’s favorite as well).

And then his gaze drifted to Eeteuk and Jiyoon (she’s his client too, but she prefers Eeteuk because he’s her favorite but she never knew that she’s Eeteuk’s favorite too), sharing a plate of ddeokbokki and a bottle of expensive champagne.

And then to Eunhyuk who had been called as one of his regular client, Seunki, finally arrived.

And lastly to him, disheveled and looking completely wasted.

Yeah, it’s seriously a bad night.


"I don't get it. You actually replaced it?" Sungmin was saying as he handed a glass of orange juice to Kyuhyun before walking over the closet to lean against it.

"It doesn't matter. I still have five of those from my aunt. It doesn't hurt to give Minyeo another shirt."

It was an ordinary wednesday. Kyuhyun went off from thr university earlier than he's supposed to be and went straight to Sungmin's place. He earned a scolding from the older though, telling him that he shouldn't skip classes which of course, Kyuhyun just shrugged off.

Kyuhyun first suggested to go watch a movie but Sungmin declined as he was feeling lazy. They settled into having a chat then, talking about random things that they could think about.

For the past hour, they already have talked about how Sungmin almost got harrassed by a drunk Donghae due to frustration, how Kyuhyun caught zhoumi staring at his co-worker Victoria ("The girl that kissed Amber?!" "Yep."), how Henry's ex came in the most unfortune time, and a lot more. And now they were talking about Kyuhyun's classmate in Statistics who asked him if he could replace this limited edition shirt from her favorite band's concert (Kyuhyun's aunt happened to work on that band's company) that he gave. Kyuhyun's obviously amused as he told the story but Sungmin was just downright appalled.

"So...we have an hour before I go to work..." Kyuhyun said with a smirk after finishing off his glass of juice.

Sungmin scoffed, "Henry's upstairs, idiot."

Kyuhyun pushed himself up from his position on Sungmin's bed and walked over Sungmin. He took Sungmin's glass of juice and placed it down the desk along with his own glass. "We'll be real quiet..." Kyuhyun the whispered to Sungmin's left ear while slowly pressing the other further to the closet.

Sungmin gasped visibly, "Stop it, Kyuhyun..."

"I don't think you want me to..."


"Who cares?"

Kyuhyun sealed the argument with a kiss.


This can't be happening.

Krystal, why does she have to be back? He had completely moved on over her, they're done. but why does she have to go and see him once again? She could've return but she doesn't need to show up in front of his face. She can't possibly try and patch things up with him, right? It just won't happe. She left, he moved on, end of the fucking story.

But it'll be a complete lie if he says that he moved on completely, because it hadn't been easy. As soon as she left (and broke up with him through a fucked up e-mail), he followed the flow of her career, her so called dream. He watched her band's performances, TV appearances, radio guestings - everything with her on it. He even bought their album, their singles, because afterall he had been there for her when she was still struggling on making her dreams come true. It took about a year until Sungmin knocked some senses into his head, making him realize that it's not worth the torture.

Henry admitted that he had been a pathetic martyr, but waiting wouldn't help him let go so moved on.

And then another girl captured his heart. But that's another story.

Henry banged his head into the bedpost (yelping in pain as he realized that it freaking hurts), trying to get the memories of Krystal out of his head. He can't be thinking about her now. He likes someone else already, for Pete's sakes! What happened between him and Krystal had already ended a long time ago.

A headache pierced through his head from all the thinking (and partially due to banging his head) and so he decided to get up from the bed and fix himself some medicine. He then went down towards the kitchen where the medicine kit is located but to his dismay, it wasn't where it's supposed to be. Thinking that Sungmin probably knew where it is, he went up again to check on his brother.

But the second he opened the door to Sungmin's room, he felt like he made the worst decision ever.

Why he didn't knock unto his brother's door, he would never know. If he had knocked, he probably wouldn't have witnessed the current scene in front of his eyes. A scene that he never expected to happen.

Sungmin was currently engaged on a lip lock with...was that Kyuhyun? Yeah, definitely Kyuhyun.

His brother's arm wrapped around the other's neck and one of his legs is curled unto Kyuhyun's waist, pulling the younger closer.

Hyung's gay?!

No matter how he wanted to leave right then, his feet doesn't allow him to. He stood frozen as he watched his brother making out with another guy. It surprised him that they didn't noticed that he's standing there, eyes widen in shock and mouth agape.

Henry emitted a silent gasp as he saw Kyuhyun's hand slowly making it's way inside Sungmin's shirt, making his brother unintentionally mimic his gasp. Another gasp as his brother moaned wantonly, muttering a silent, "Do it, Kyu..."

He can't take it anymore. As if on cue, his feet found its life and moved. Carefully, he shut the door silently behind him then quickly ran to his room.

That definitely scarred him for life. But from the look of his bliss on his brother's face, he don't think he's willing to stop this.

He needs to talk to Kyuhyun, as soon as possible.


"HE KNEW KRYSTAL JUNG OF EIGHTREA?!" Sulli exclaimed, gasping dramatically. Amber quickly clamped a hand unto Sulli's mouth to shut her up. "Ssshhh!! No one's supposed to know!"

Sulli forcedly removed Amber's hand and continued, quietly this time, "How did that happenned? I mean...anyway, is she pretty up close? Does she wear that butterfly necklace that she always wore? Is her hair that silky like on TV? Luna! Did you asked her about Luna? And Key! Do you think she's actually the ice princess and not Key? And yes, princess, because Key has princess disease and not prince. Oh, Jonghyun! You should've asked what's the real score between her and Jonghyun!"

Amber sighed. Trust her best friend to fire away thousands of incoherent blabbings in one breath. She shouldn't have said it, but Sulli would kill her once she discovered about it and didn't told her earlier.

"Stop questioning me. I wasn't even introduced, okay!" Amber snapped. Sulli ignored her as she went on, "Weird. You said Henry seems to be angry with her, right? Don't you think Krystal' know, Henry's ex-girlfriend?"

"That's possible, but I won't dwell on that." Amber said easily, masking her discomfort. if Krystal is Henry's ex-girlfriend, it's possible that she wanted him back and she's sure to be a competition over Henry whether he's over her or not.


"Shut it, okay? I don't care if she's his ex. I mean I don't" Amber stopped mid-sentence. No, it can't be. Was that really them? What are they doing here?

"What" Sulli followed Amber's gaze and gasped dramatically, again, "Oh my God, is that Krystal and Luna? AND OH MY GOD, THEY'RE APPROACHING US!"

Truesay, it's Krystal and Luna sporting what Amber could say, the most common disguise ever. They both wore identical caps and a different pair of glasss - Krystal's wearing a lensless glasses while Luna;s wearing shades. It worked though as the other students doesn't seem to recognize them except for Amber and Sulli, obviously.

"Amber-sshi?" Krystal asked as soon as they reached them. Amber nodded, her throat running dry.

"I heard you guys are Henry's friends, just wanna get to know you guys better. So, wanna hang out?" Krystal went along, and without further ado, Sulli and Amber nodded.

Krystal and Luna dragged them to their car, but not without giving each other knowing glances. Everything went along too damn easy.



"Tell me. Do you think Americano and Cappuccino are the same, HUH?!" Hangeng scolded making Victoria cringed visibly. She's tempted to say that they both contain caffeine but stopped herself knowing that Hangeng would fire her once she make a comeback.

This wasn't the first time she was scolded for the past days. In fact, her fingers and toes are not enough to count them all out. Surprisingly, Hangeng hasn't fired her yet and that sort of disturbed her.

This obvious changes on hangeng never failed to drive her nuts. Physically, he gained her attraction over him but when it comes to his new found personality, she graded him 1 out of 10.

He no longer ask her out for a dinner after her shift - he actually leaves an hour before their closing time. He no longer sided her when she makes simple mistakes - he scolded her in fact. He no longer offer to do her other tasks - he adds up task after another now. In short, he no longer likes her and that hurts.

A customer entered and Victoria prepared herself to welcome them but stopped as she saw who it is.

Kim Heechul.

She has no grudge against him, but seeing as though that Hangeng's attention's all over him makes her hate him just a little.

She tried to convince herself that it's not jealousy, that she's only upset. But the longer she observed them made her realize that yes, it's jealousy pooling inside her.

The way Hangeng looks at Heechul as if he's an angel sent by God, angered her. It was the same way he looked at her before this goddamn transformation, the same way he looked at her when he still likes her. Admiration, infatuation, adoration, Love.

It doesn't take a fool to guess that yes, Hangeng is in love. And not to her.

Not to Victoria Song Qian.


Amber and Krystal's friendship. Everything about it excites Amber to no end. Every time they hang out she discovers something new, something thrilling. Sometimes they go out with Luna as well - she's yet to meet Key and Jonghyun - and she had found a new fondness at her favorite band's vocalists. What disturbed her in this whole ordeal is the lack of Sulli. She doesn't know why they didn't want her best friend to come along, nor understand why. They never gave her reasons.

It happens though that when they agreed that Sulli can come along, she's busy with other things. The days that she had go out with her best friend had gone from often to never.

Sunday, 5PM at Myleen's. We have a gig, so be there! And don't bring Sulli, Key oppa hates noisy girls. Yep! You're finally meeting d' Jjongkey! See ya there babe~ xoxo Krystal :)

Amber read the text message with a sigh. she's going out with Eightrea without Sulli. Even though Sulli's invited, she doesn't think she'll be able to tag along as she's working on some school project. Amber quickly pushed the sad thoughts away and just think about the positive side on this. She's finally meeting Jonghyun and Key! Yes!

Cheerfully opening her locker, she returned her Music Theory book andretrieved her Physics book. Before closing it shut, she noticed a sky blue post-it note posted against it.

Sunday. 5PM. Sapphire Blue. Be there...please. - Henry

Amber smiled inwardly. She haven't seen Henry lately nor talked to him so this is an opportunity. Giggling, she closed her locker and proceeds to her next class.

She's halfway the door of the lecture hall when realization hit her. Hard.

Sunday, 5PM at Myleen's

Sunday. 5PM. Sapphire Blue

Amber face palmed.



I need to talk to you. I'll meet you up at Chocolove

Kyuhyun stared at henry's message, puzzled. He's not sure why Henry would want - need - to talk to him. As far as he's concerned, they don't really talk much mainly because Kyuhyun's afraid to take a risk and suddenly reveal his relationshop with the younger's half-brother, Sungmin.

It wasn't like he's ashamed - or sungmin for that matter - of their relationship, but Sungmin doesn't want Henry to know about them yet until he felt like it's the right time. Kyuhyun accepted, so he keeps his hands to himself whenever they're together and henry's around.

As Kyuhyun waited for Henry, he can't help but think that the younger probably know about them already and wanted to meet up with him to take the living daylight out of him. He's not scared of the possibility that Henry would beat him up though because he had been prepared to fight for his love for Sungmin ever since, no matter how cheesy it sounded.

Few minutes later, Henry came and immediately spotted Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun then asked Victoria to take up his tasks for the mean time and approached the younger. They sat on a far end corner of the cafe and the first few minutes had been utterly silent on both sides.

Breaking the awkward silence, Kyuhyun started, "So, what's up? Anything I can do for you?"

Henry bit his lower lip and sighed, "Sungmin hyung..."

At the mention of Sungmin's name, Kyuhyun went alert. It can't be what he was actually thinking earlier, is it?

Kyuhyun held his breath as henry went on, "I saw you guys the other day and...well...uhm...damn this is so embarrassing..." Henry hit his head lightly in frustration. Kyuhyun gulped. No way...

"You saw uus having sex, don't you?" Kyuhyun asked with wide eyes, before realizing how vulgar that sounded and hit himself mentally.

"NO! I mean...close to that at least..." Henry said, his face flushing red.

"You saw us...making out?" Kyuhyun asked clamly this time. Henry nodded shyly. Kyuhyun mused that it probably took a lot of courage for Henry to be able to tell this to him and it surprised him that he hadn't beat him senseless yet.

"Just so you know..." Henry continued. "I'm totally fine with it..." he smiled, Kyuhyun mirroring him. Well, isn't that, well, quick? He wasn't expecting for the younger to accept them. He actually pictured Henry stabbing, Happy Tree Friends-like.

"Thank you." Kyuhyun said. Well, what could he say? Nothing. It simple. He's grateful and happy. They could finally go out, unhidden.

For the next minutes, they chatted, trying to know each other more. Kyuhyun was really hoping for this, getting to know his lover's brother. They never really got to know each other like this, they're simple as acquantances but now, Kyuhyun could consider him as a friend and not just someone he knew.

"Welcome to Chocolove cafe! Oh hey Amber-sshi! Sulli-sshi!" Victoria's voice rang, and Kyuhyun noticed Henry tensing. He was aware of Henry's crush over Amber, Sungmin had told him so. He was so tempted, to move and pinch Henry's cheeks. He just look so cute blushing as he stole glances at the girl.

"You know..." Kyuhyun started, snapping Henry from his trance. "When you really love someone, just go for it."


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