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[DRABBLES] Chocolate Drabbles

Title: ChocoDrabbles
Author: lucid_acolyte
Rating: G
Summary: Henry's a hamster and Amber's such a fangirl

Ham-Ham Henry

Amber fidgets while waiting for Henry to finish up in the kitchen. He offered to make them sandwiches and took off ten minutes ago. He could hear some weird noises but when she asked if he wants help, he just yelled back to tell her he's okay and she could get busy on their living room.

An invitation that Amber declined. She wants to snoop around, that's a given fact. Yet now that the opportunity arises, she doesn't want to intrude. If she's going to find something, it should be shown to her, not because she intruded. So she'll just sit there and patiently wait for Henry. Nothing would tempt her, not even those pile of albums on the corner or the cd racks on the wall.

Sungmin of course, doesn't count.

"Amber, Are you getting bored?" Amber turned to Henry's older brother. She knew Sungmin as her brother's close friend. The one who kept giving her food whenever she visits Sapphir Blue. If she knew that he's Henry's half-bro-- Amber shook her head. No. She's not a user and would never use her connection to get what(or who) she wants. She's a woman of conviction. She's a--

"Would you like to look at our family pictures?"

--total puddle of goo inside while meekly nodding on Sungmin's inquiry.

She didn't snoop around. Sungmin himself asked her. So there's no harm right? So there she was turning pages by pages of Henry's life. She saw how he cried during his first day of school. She saw how he looked growing up in the Canada (she even knows where he studied in elementary, middle school and highschool but that's another story.). She saw everything.

Sungmin even added funny stories. She knew that Sungmin's parents divorced when he was just two knowing the two of them are better off as friends. His mother went to Canada where she met Henry's father. Yet, even with a family like that, Sungmin and Henry grew up ith loving parents. She was even told that Sungmin goes to Canada just to celebrate holidays there. It's just that in the past years, Sungmin's a bit busy so they only called each other. So she wasn't surprised that Sungmin and Henry were quite close. As Sungmin shared a story about henry getting stuck in a tree, a picture made her eyes go wide. She looked at Sungmin, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Do you want to have that?"

To Amber Josephine's Christmas and Sungmin is her Santa.


"Ham-ham-hamu~" Amber can't help but hum Hamtaro's song. Sulli looked at her like she had grown another nose but she just ignored her best friend. She even waved at Henry like they're the closest friends ever. As she approached her locker, she looked at her left then at her right before opening the door.

She grinned again before putting away all her books. Who knew that a simple picture of Henry in his Hamtaro Pjs would make her day?

Ham-Ham Henry...Hmm...a bit tacky but why not?

She looked at Henry who gave her the deer Hamster in the headlights look.

Oh yes...why not?


A cut-scene from chapter 5 aka Amber's such a fan girl

Amber sat on the couch while the boys paced around the room. She gulped knowing that they needed something from her and she doesn't know if she could deliver.

"Let me ask you a question. What do you think of Hangeng?" Heechul asked as he plopped down ont he seat next to her.

"Uh...he's a good cook?" At Heechul's imploring eyes, she tried harder to came up with an answer. "...uh...he's nice?" Heechul clapped her back as he turn to them.

"You see. That's the problem. They see you as someone 'nice'. Being -nice- is too overrated. So we need to change that." He then turned to Amber again. "When I ask something, you need to tell the first name that comes into your mind. I don't care who is it but you need to tell me the truth. Understood?" Amber could only nod since Heechul's looking at her with a manic look in his eyes.

"Best Pants?"


"Best Hair?"


"Best outfit?"

"Zhoumi and Kyuhyun."

"Best Pose?"


"Best Facial Expression?"


Heechul smiled before shaking her hands. "Thanks." He then stood up and herd the boys away to give them their tasks saying he needs all those people to make Hangeng the best OVERALL.

Amber just sat there, stunned with everything while Kibum gave her a friendly pat.

"I'm a bit curious though...why didn't you say your brother's name?" His comment of course, had set Donghae in his caveman mode...again.


A/N: I'm sporting a killer migraine so I'm writing fics to cure it. either that or I have to kill someone.
Tags: ! au, ! cris and may are insane and they know, ! fanfic: chocolate love relay, % drabble, & fandom: f(x), & fandom: super junior, * subject: amber, * subject: donghae, * subject: heechul, * subject: sungmin
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