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[DRABBLE] Chocolate Drabbles

Chocolove drabbles:

A/N: payment for taking so long~ XD

Why Amber hates bugs.

Amber wasn't really afraid of insects. She could care less about ants, grasshoppers and any other insects that you could think of. Well...that was before she had that chance encounter with the giant butterfly.

It was a sunny day. Young Amber was busy playing on the sandbox when she heard a noise from a nearby bush. She ignored it at first but the second time it happened, curiosity won over making her drop her plastic shovel and go towards the rustling bush.

She crawled inside it when it happened..a butterfly got stuck in her face. She screamed as loud as she can when she suddenly felt two arms pulling her from the bushes. A small boy with black hair and the smallest pair of eyes quickly took the butterfly off and put it in a box. He then handed her a handkerchief to dry her tears. After making herself presentable again, she faced her savior with wide adoring eyes. She's about to say thank you when someone shouted the boy's name. She then saw another small boy, running towards them, holding a recorder on one hand an a lunch box on another.

"Yehsungie! I thought you'll help me practice the recorder!" the other pout as he dragged the other boy away who just laugh as he hugged the other one. Amber looked at them until they disappeared from view.

Since then...Amber hated bugs...and grew a crush on Yehsung.


Really Stupid Geng

It was a slow rainy day. Hangeng wanted to blame the weather but knows that it's too Heechulish for his taste. He then noticed Kyuhyun who's staring fondly at his cellphone. Ohh...maybe his dongsaeng got himself a girlfriend. Quitely, he tiptoed near the maknae and peered on the cellphone's wallpaper. In it, he saw Kyu with a girl(or a boy?), showing a side that he rarely see with the snarky brat. He nudged the other, before grinning at him.

"You're in love."

Kyuhyun frowned for a moment but a small smile broke trhough it. Why deny it when he's not ashamed of it. "Yes hyung."

Hangeng gave him a congratulatory hug and asked him about his love. He in turn told everything. From the first time they met until the time they realized they are inlove with each other. It was really out of character for Kyu so Hangeng let him talk knowing the other needed it or else he'll burst from too much happiness.

When Kyu finished, he in turn asked Hangeng if he had found the one. He shook his head knowing he had yet to meet that destined person for him. He do however, have a small puppy crush on someone. It was a bit silly though since he only saw her in a picture. With her big eyes and cute upturned nose, he fell for her even before meeting her.

"Where did you get the photo hyung?" Kyuhyun can't believe how cheesy his hyung could be. Hangeng told him that he saw it inside a 2nd hand book. He only knows that the girl was the same age as him because of the date on the back of the picture.He then told him that he also fell inlove with the girl's wittiness for the girl had vandalised the book with her own thoughts. Hangeng even said that if he can only meet the girl in person, he's sure that she's the one. Kyuhyun stared at the girl trying to remember where did he saw her before. He's a bit busy looking at it to notice someone entering the cafe in wet clothes or that certain someone hitting Hangeng because he took the other person's umbrella by mistake.

"Stupid Geng. Can't you see it's not the one???" the other screeched as he grabbed the towel from Hangeng. The sound made Kyuhyun look up and gasp.

Who would've known....the world really is small.

As the wet person hit Hangeng again, Kyu decided not to tell this small revelation.

'Oh you Stupid already had the one.'

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