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[FIC] Chocolate Love Relay 5/?

Title: Chocolate Love Relay
Authors: lucid_acolyte and sassydork
Rating: PG 13 (for some words)
Characters: Henry, Amber, Victoria, Hangeng, Heechul, Super Junior, F(X)
Warnings: AU, swear words, yaoi? 8D
Summary: They said that eating chocolate can be compared to feeling in love. However, they also said that it's still an imitation and can't be compared to the real one. So can a chocolate coated love ever turn into a true one? Or it'll just stay as is, melting when things get bad leaving only a sticky mess behind?

1st Chocolate: I got you babe, my Chocolate love

2nd Chocolate: Sulli, Sulli, Sulli, I hate you, I'll kill you!!
3rd Chocolate: I can't stand this bitch next to me, Can I kill her 'till she's no more?
4th Chocolate: I called you Butterfly, Ring Ding Dong!

5th Chocolate: Oh my stupid Geng, can't you see she's not the one?

If looks could kill, Victoria Song would die a very painful death with the way Heechul eyed her while Kibum and Siwon hauled out the stunned Hangeng.

Victoria looked at him, defiance in her eyes while Amber just stood there like the rest of them.

"Do you think Heechul-hyung would kill her?" Sungmin whispered to Kyuhyun as they watch the drama unfold.

"My dear Min, that's showing mercy and we all know hyung doesn't know that word." Kyu replied as Shindong nodded.

"He'll probably skin her alive first. Then dip her in acid, take out her eyeballs. Feed her to the rats and when she's just a mangle of flesh and bones, -maybe- he'll kill her." Yehsung commented making Ryeowook shiver.

"It's not true. Yehsung's just exagerating." Sungmin patted Ryeowook's head before frowning. "But he did made someon's life miserable. Remember what happened to the person who extorted Kibummie?"

"Yeah. The man even went as far as migrating to another country." Shindong answered. They then held their breath as Heechul moved towards Victoria.

"Big.Mistake." It was only two words yet somehow, it made Victoria somehow wishing she shouldn't have done anything. At that, she lets go of Amber and quickly left the party.


"Is he okay?" Heechul as Kibum emerged from Hankyung's room. After the incident, the four of them left as soon as they can. It's a bit embarrassing but Heechul knew that Sungmin and Henry would understand. He then thought back about the girl who started everything.

He sighed. Maybe it was his fault afterall. He tried his best. He tried liking her. Getting to know her more. He wanted Geng to be happy and he thought he was doing both of them a favor. Yet, why did it turned out like this?

Maybe he did some miscalculation. Yet how could that be? Afterall, he's Kim Heechul.

"He won't even come out for dinner hyung." Kibum looked at him with solemn eyes.

Okay. Enough.


"So you're never his girlfriend?"

Amber rolled her eyes. How many times does she need to answer her brother's question? And the answer was still the same.


"BUT SHE KISSED YOU!!!!!" Donghae started pacing again for the millionth time (20th time to be exact according to our dear Sulli) while muttering about crazy Chinese women.

Amber looked at her bestfriend who just shrugged. Why bother someone acting like a caveman?


"You like her."

It wasn't a question. It wasn't even an unsure guess. It's a cold hard fact and Henry knew Sungmin would not let him live it down.

"Hyung..." He tried whining, trying to use the magnae card but he knows that it doesn't affect Sungmin. Well, he can try right? In where Sungmin just shook his head and smile.

"It won't work, Henry-ah. Ah..My younger brother. All grown up." Sungmin grinned at him. Henry just sighed, He knew that Sungmin would never give up until he give in.

That is if...Henry smiled at his hyung while secretly sending a distress signal to that one person who could save him.

Sungmin would've continued with his dream Henry-Amber wedding if not for his cellphone ringing. He would've ignored it when he suddenly remember the end part of his ringing tone. He grabbed it and ran as far as he can. Henry just looked at him with raised eyebrows. Afterall, what's wrong with 'Sungmin-ah is mine?'

Henry's eyes widen. "Wait...what the heck??"


" we really have to do this?" Donghae whined. He's being ansty but Heechul doesn't even allow him to pace around the room. He then noticed Siwon and Kibum dragging a very defiant Hangeng. And for the first time eversince he met the kind Chinese, he saw him in his pajamas, hair sticking out all over the place.

"Uhm...I think Geng-hyung needs to change?" Donghae said as the forced the other to sit on the sofa. Heechul smirked at him, an evil glint evident on his eyes.

"You got it right Hae. He needs to change." At that, Donghae knew that Hangeng's life was now officialy on Heechul's hands.


Hangeng knew that Heechul meant the best for him. Yes, he's been a sore loser but why can't his best friend just let him lick his wounds for a while?

And as if sensing his thoughts, Heechul looked at him with determined eyes while demanding he needed to change. To others, it may seems like Heechul's plotting his demise but he knew that look. The look that says 'Don't worry. Believe in me.'


"Are you sure about this?" the girl on the other line asked as she played with her butterfly necklace.

"Yes. I really want to see him... I really want to know..."

"Fine. It's not like we can stop you. Just remember you still have a home with us."

"I know. Thank you."


"So how was project! Hangeng?" Amber nonchalantly asked as she entered Sapphire Blue, Sulli by her heels.

"Hangeng? The You-are-my-sunshine-after-the rain Hangeng?" Sulli asked as they both settled down on a booth near the bar. Donghae just grinned at them while wiping a glass. Eversince they started doing the make-over there was some staff re-shuffling done between ChocoLove and Sapphire Blue. Zhoumi, Sapphire blue's daytime manager was transferred to Chocolove Cafe. He's accompanied by Kibum since the system between the cafe and restaurant were two different things. Eeteuk was offered the managerial job until he gets back while Donghae and Eunhyuk helped at the restaurant. The Host Club was put on hold (much to the dismay of the patrons) though they were promised a big surprise when the three weeks were up.

"If you must know...there was a gag order and no one can say anything about it." Sulli pouted while Amber just rolled her eyes.

"So you're not telling? Not even a small tiny update?" Sulli asked, trying to lure Donghae with her puppy dog eyes. Donghae continued grinning before ruffling Sulli's hair.

"No can do kiddo." He answered. He then turn to Amber and was about to ask something when her phone rang. A very upbeat song was heard that made Donghae's eyebrow raise.

"That crap again? Seriously Amber, you should change that. It doesn't even fit your image." Amber just glared at him like he had killed her brother. ("Isn't that suicide?" "Shut up Sulli.")

"For your information, Eightrea's the -band-. Unlike your ACL...too much noise, less music." Amber said in a mocking tone. Donghae was about to retort when Amber squeal. ("Wow." "I said shut up Sulli.")

"Got to go now. Bye~!" Amber then dashed out Sapphire Blue leaving Sulli and Donghae behind with wide eyes.

"Did we just..."

"Yes oppa...Amber squealed."


Hangeng looked at his skin. His once acne filled face has now a smooth fair skin. Mircles do happen and even though he doesn't want to admit it. He owes it to Heechul.

For two weeks, he had undergone a lot of changes. He was forced to go shopping when Heechul threw out his clothes. He then went to three different stylists before his friend was satisfied with his hair. After that, they went to a dermatologist who said that his pimples would clear eventually. And lastly, they went to the eye doctor to get some contact lens.

Which brought him here with Heechul as they wait for his contact lens.

"Hee..." he grabbed his friend's hand who was a bit busy trying on a red-rimmed glasses. Heechul turned to him with a bright smile.

"Do I look good or do I look GOOD?" Heechul asked that was answered by a grin.

"Beautiful." With the look on his friend's face, Hangeng knew he said the right words.

"So...nervous?" Heechul as he glanced at the staff door.

"Yeah..." Hangeng then looked at him with a small smile. "Thanks... for everything."

Heechul stood up in front of Geng, hands on his waist. "I'm your best friend. Of course I'll do everything to give you the best." He then took off Geng's glasses. "Welcome Geng."

It was only a second, yet Geng knows that something changed in his friend's face. What is it...that he didn't know.


Heechul inwardly gasped. Hangeng was staring up at him like he's the only one that matters in the world. He walked away and turned towards a display of glasses. He tried one and looked in to the mirror.

Yet what he saw shocked him. He, Kim Heechul, was blushing.

He was saved from beating up his head from doing such atrocity when the attendant arrived with Hangeng's newest pair of contact lens.

He can't help but with new lenses...will Hangeng look at the world differently?


Amber can't believe that it's really happening. Her and Henry, alone, going out...oh yes...IT'S A DATE!!!!! her mind. Actually, Henry called him because Sungmin needed some help with his greenhouse. Henry learned from Sulli that Amber liked plants so he asked if she wanted to help. She said yes and it's suppose to end with a happily ever after right?

There's one slight problem though.

She knows na-da about plants...and absolutely hate bugs.

Maybe she could just tell the truth?

"I'm glad that you could come on a short notice. I'm not really good with plants and if I accidentally killed Hyung's price and joy...he'll hang me after skinning me alive!" Henry said, relief evident on his voice. Amber bit her lips. So she can't say the truth. Plan B...she needs to go to plan B...wait what is Plan B again?

As Henry turned to water some plants, Amber wanted to hit her head on the nearest pole. Yet she didn't try since regarding her luck...she would crack the glasshouse first before she even get a hairline fracture in her skull.

"Look at this!" Henry exclaimed. Amber turned, curiosity evident in her eyes. It was a big mistake though...for in Henry's palm, lay a giant butterfly.


Sungmin was quite busy talking with Kyuhyun when someone entered the living room. He failed to notice a girl who sat in one of the armchairs like it was her home. The girl waited until he finished his call so he was quite surprised when he saw her there, smiling at him like some little princess while holding her butterfly pendant.

"Hello Oppa..."



It was a slow day. Victoria released a frustrated sigh. She knew that she really went overboard last time so she wanted to apologize. Yet Hangeng didn't go to work for two weeks and the one who replaced him was really getting on her nerves.

"Victoria-ssi...please stop sighing. It's bad for the cafe's karma." Zhoumi smiled at her making her shiver. She knew the other was a very friendly person but she have yet to see the other frown, pout or do any other emotion besides smiling...and that's plain creepy.

She took a deep breath then smiled. Maybe she needed to follow Zhoumi's advice. It's law of attraction afterall. She needs to be positive so she can attact positive vibes...and good-looking guys.
She can't help but giggle. Yeah...maybe a tall guy. Not too muscular though. He'll be wearing a black leather jacket, tight hot white pants, white wifebeater, maybe boots? Oh! and dont' forget the shades. yes...never forget the sha-- Her train of thoughts stopped when the said embodiement of her dream guy entered the cafe.


She's jumping for joy in her head while she tried to make herself presentable. Good thing she's doing the counter today or else she would've missed this chance. The guy smiled at him which she returned, trying to act too flustered. She took the guy's order for two people so she knew there's another person coming, hoping against all hope that he's not with some pretty girl.

The bell rang again and she turned to the door, trying to get a glimpse at her dream guy's companion...only to have her jaw drop.

She's right about the pretty part though...but it's definitely not a boy and it's definitely someone that she knows.

"Hey Geng, add a slice of--" Heechul turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "Oh."

Heechul's comment made Victoria's blood ran cold. can't be.

She turned to the other guy, who's still smiling at her. Yes...oh.


A/N: yes...procastination is loveeeeeeeeeeeeee~

oh! And have some drabbles as well~:D

Chocolove drabbles
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