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[FIC] Chocolate Love Relay 4/?

Title: Chocolate Love Relay
Authors: lucid_acolyte and sassydork
Rating: PG 13 (for some words)
Characters: Henry, Amber, Victoria, Hangeng, Heechul, Super Junior, F(X)
Warnings: AU, swear words, yaoi? 8D
Summary: They said that eating chocolate can be compared to feeling in love. However, they also said that it's still an imitation and can't be compared to the real one. So can a chocolate coated love ever turn into a true one? Or it'll just stay as is, melting when things get bad leaving only a sticky mess behind?

1st Chocolate: I got you babe, my Chocolate love

2nd Chocolate: Sulli, Sulli, Sulli, I hate you, I'll kill you!!
3rd Chocolate: I can't stand this bitch next to me, Can I kill her 'till she's no more?

4th Chocolate: I called you Butterfly, Ring Ding Dong!

Heechul excused himself to go to the restroom and left Victoria at their booth before he does something unpleasant. He made a detour towards the kitchen to check on the staffs but was met with Hangeng’s glowering eyes.

To see Hangeng standing by the kitchen’s entrance didn’t surprise him. He was expecting his best friend to be there in fact, knowing that Siwon totally fails when it comes to lying and most probably told Hangeng about his plans – or technically Kibum’s.

“You’re here,” Heechul acknowledged. If Geng have been standing there all this time, Heechul’s sure that he heard his conversation with Victoria. Or should he say…the b’itch?

“What do you think you’re doing, Heechul?” Hangeng asked gingerly, adjusting his glasses.

“Trying to get that b’itch to like you? Trying to make your life less miserable? Honestly Geng, I don’t even now but I’m still doing it for you. Now move.” Heechul took a step but Hangeng stopped him on his tracks as he held his arm firmly.

“Whatever you’re plotting, stop it. Just – for the love of God, Heechul, stop sticking your nose on my personal issues!”

“If I can’t stop you from being a sappy stupid martyr, then you can’t stop me from being a nosy b’itch of a best friend.” Heechul forcedly removed Hangeng’s hand off his arm, “I’m going to make her realize how great of a person you are and there’s no stopping here. Be glad that I haven’t set her Chanel vest on fire yet.”

Without waiting for Hangeng’s response, Heechul strutted away; his real intention on why he was there already forgotten.

Well, Zhou Mi could handle the staffs anyway.


“Hey Amber, isn’t that your girlfriend?”

Amber turned her head towards the direction where Henry’s looking at, squinting her eyes to take a better look at the person he’s referring to. Upon seeing who it is clearly, Amber gaped in surprise.

Her again?!?

“Oh, and she seems to have company, I see. Cheating on you?” Henry chuckled teasingly. Out of sheer impulse, Amber whacked the back of Henry’s head angrily, “OUCH!”

“You don’t get it, do you? She’s not my girlfriend, so shut it.”

She thought that it was actually clear to him that she – Ppororiya? Victoria? Whatever her name is she doesn’t bit a care – isn’t her girlfriend. But seeing as though he just referred the girl as her girlfriend, Amber concluded that Henry Lau’s brain cells are in fact toasted if not fried.

“That was so uncalled for, missy?” Henry whined, rubbing the back of his head. Missy? Casual much? And then Amber’s mind paused, and played and Oh s’hit, I just freaking hit him!

“I was just kidding. I know she’s not your girlfriend. Can’t you take a joke? Geez.”

Though the statement made her sigh in relief, Amber can’t help but mentally scream. I hit him, real hard at that. Great move, Amber! Way to go!

The next few minutes was spent with Amber fidgeting on her seat, stirring her Strawberry smoothie and trying to avoid Henry’s occasional gazes while he’s sipping his Lychee juice. To put it in other words, the atmosphere between them have been nothing but intensely awkward, contrast to how their brothers are talking enthusiastically.

“Hey Amber,” Henry called, making Amber jump in surprise, choking a little on her drink.


“I didn’t know you that you have a brother,” How random, Amber thought. “I didn’t know that Sugmin-oppa is YOUR brother, so we’re even.” She said back, trying to be casual.

“Well, we didn’t actually live together until recently. And…this is really embarrassing…I actually thought that Donghae-hyung is your boyfriend.” Henry smiled sheepishly and Amber is so tempted to giggle right then. Why so cute?!

“That’s…well, funny.” She managed to say.

“Sungmin! Donghae!” a voice suddenly called out and then a guy approached their booth with a wide grin on his face. Slapping Donghae’s back playfully, he went, “Mind if I join you guys here?”

Amber stared, and she felt her heart stop just right then.

Oh. My. God.


“Let’s go,” Heechul held Victoria’s wrist and pulled her up on her seat. Puzzled, Victoria just let Heechul drag her until they’re out of Sapphire Blue’s grounds.

Dang, my free meal!

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” She asked as they stopped by the gutter. Heechul took her hand and slapped a card into her hand. “What’s this?”

“Invitation card, be sure to be there.” Heechul answered quickly and called a cab.

Okay, what? He’s not sending me home? Victoria’s mind whined.

Victoria blinked in confusion as Heechul pushed her inside the cab. “Now go home.” He said and shut the door close. Victoria gasped, “But-”

And the cab zooms off.

What the hell?!


Amber can’t help but blame Sulli once again on what’s happening to her day. Ever since that locker and books incident – well, not really an incident since Sulli planned it all purposely – she started to live in a nightmare.

“That hurts, Yesung-hyung.” Donghae glared at Yesung as the latter laughed and sat beside him.

Oh, s’hit it’s Yesung-oppa, it’s Yesung-oppa, it’s Yesung-oppa, IT’S FREAKING YESUNG-OPPA!!
“Who do we have here?” Yesung asked, looking at her and Henry. Amber never felt this confused before.

Henry and Yesung at the same place, now isn’t this some kind of conspiracy, huh?!

Kim Yesung. Amber still can’t believe that she had a crush on this guy before as everyone knew him to be the dorkiest of all dorks out there, not to mention a complete klutz. But still, he had won her admiration with his stunning singing voice and well, his lame cold jokes. But her world stopped when she discovered a fact about Yesung….

Him having a boyfriend – Kim Ryeowook – instead of a girlfriend.

It’s her lame reason on why she dresses up like a guy instead of dressing up like a girl. She was heartbroken, alright, and by doing it she had started to forget about her unrequited love – or more of a stupid admiration.

It’s been years seen she had last seen him and seeing him again made her insides all fuzzy.

“Oh, you haven’t met my half-brother yet, huh? Yesung-hyung this is Henry, Henry this is Yesung-hyung.” Sungmin casually introduced. Yesung acknowledged Henry with a salute as the younger bowed at him politely. Amber kept spazzing inside.

“And you boy…you are?” Yesung turned to asked her and Amber widens her eyes in shock at the question.

BOY? WHAT THE HELL?!? Well, it’s his fault I look like one anyway.

“Hyung, that’s Amber,” Donghae said, chortling. Yesung gasped. “That’s Amber?!? Last thing I know Amber’s a girl and not a boy! What happened? Sex change?”


Amber snorted and shamelessly pointed at her chest, “I still have breasts Yesung-oppa, thank you very much.”

“Well, you don’t have any before.” Yesung teased and moved closer to her then pinched her cheeks, “You’re still cute though.”

Amber blushed. She then glanced at Henry who seemed to be a bit uneasy. Oh wait, Henry’s here, Yesung is more like ‘the past’. Make up your mind, Amber.

“Hey, it’s late. You two, you should go back home now.” Sungmin said all of a sudden.

Amber can’t help but notice the mysterious glint on Sungmin’s eyes as he said that and when Donghae nodded with a smirk, she’s sure that the best friends are up to something.

“I’m not waling or taking a cab or a bus.” Henry blurted out, glaring at Sungmin.

“Oh, I know you won’t.” Sungmin said back. Shuffling through his pockets, he took out his car keys and threw it to his brother who barely caught it.

“Take the car and send Amber home, okay?”


“Are you sure you know how to drive?”

“Do you think my brother would entrust me his precious car if I don’t?”

“Yeah, tell that to me when you just spent 5 minutes opening the door and 3 minutes trying to insert the key.”

“Oh shut up.”

It turns out that Henry did know how to drive so for the rest of the ride, Amber just kept her mouth shut. Though they have been casual to each other for the past hours, the awkwardness is still there.

“You’re going next week right?” Henry asked as soon as they reached Amber’s place.

Oh, his birthday party.

“Yeah, sure.”

“You’re going with Sulli, right?”

Hearing that, Amber rolled her eyes in annoyance. Yeah, he probably do like Sulli. “Of course. I wouldn’t survive there if I don’t have her as a company.” She said back bitterly.


Amber made a move to open the door, but she failed to do so. Next thing she knew, Henry’s hand is over hers making her pull away quickly. “This car’s door is kind of different from the others,” Henry just said with a smile and opened the door easily for her.

Amber practically ran towards the gates as soon as she stepped down the car, her heartbeat going miles and miles per hour. She didn’t even say a proper goodbye or thanks to Henry as she entered the house and shut the door close.


“Amber is so cute,” Sungmin commented as Henry and Amber left. Donghae’s ears perked up and turned to glare at his best friend at that sudden statement, “Hit on my sister and you’re dead, Lee Sungmin.”

Sungmin stared at Donghae like he just grew another head and went, “What do you think I am? Cradle robber?”

“No. But if your brother -”

“Oh come on, those two are old enough. Besides, we need to bring the old girl Amber back. Ever since she discovered about Yesung-hyung dating Ryeowook like…3 years back? – She stared being the boyish Amber we’re seeing now.”

Donghae was pouring himself a glass of soju when Sungmin said that making him stop at the information he took in, “WHAT?!”

“What, what?”


“Uhm, yeah?”

“Wait, me?” Yesung butted in but was ignored as Sungmin continued, “Wait, you didn’t know about that?”

“Erhm, YES? MY SISTER USED TO LIKE YESUNG-HYUNG? WHAT THE HELL?!” Donghae shrieked in disbelief. His sister likes Yesung before and apparently after knowing that Yesung’s dating Ryeowook…she turned boyish? Well, isn’t that such a pleasant surprise. Sarcasm, be damned.

“Yah, what’s wrong with Amber liking me? I’m quite adorable you know…” Yesung said with a pout and again, he was ignored.


“Geez, calm down, Aiden Jonathan Lee. You really didn’t know about that?” Sungmin asked, rolling his eyes disbelievingly.

Donghae kept on mumbling how ‘that’s so unfair’ and ‘you’re so dead, Amber Josephine Lee’ but ended up going ‘well I have my own secrets too, so we’re even’ as they let the time pass. Yesung opened up a small talk about his pet turtle, Ddangkoma, who’s growing up being a diva similar to Heechul until Kyuhyun arrived exactly on Sapphire Blue’s closing time.

But Sapphire Blue isn’t exactly going to wrap up for the day.

Not many people knew about Sapphire Blue’s counterpart when the clock ticks to seven in the evening. From serving the finest dishes and confectionaries from morning till afternoon; at night, they serve attractive males and females that make every single customer swoon and open up their wallets for their company and services.

From the bright cozy atmosphere during daytime, Sapphire Blue transforms into a dark haven lit with dim lights that brought up the sensual mood of the place.

From one of Seoul’s best restaurant, Sapphire Blue turns into one of Seoul’s best host club.

Little by little, veteran customers and new ones entered the place. The hosts started to fix up their fake smiles, their scripted pick-up lines already prepared. Donghae have left his friends as he prepared himself for the night as one of the hosts. It seems like it’s going to be a good night but he’s sure that he’s going to mess up as the small information he had gathered kept bothering him.

Well, if his sister could keep such a simple (and…erhm, unbelievable – really, Yesung?) secret, he’s capable of doing just so; keeping his job a secret as one of the best host in Sapphire Blue.

Afterall, it’s already been three years.


Victoria stared at the large house in front of her.

She wasn’t expecting that the birthday celebrant – whoever he is, Henry Lau? – was this rich judging by the house’s size. She actually has no plans on going to the party but Heechul have stopped coming to Chocolove café ever since their last encounter and she thought that probably going to this party, she’ll be able to see him again.

As she handed her invitation card to the usher, she saw someone familiar that lifted her mood up. Yes! Company!

“Amber-sshi!” she called out. She’s with another girl with milky-white skin and bizarre hairstyle – was that a caterpillar hairstyle? – and Victoria chuckled at the thought that she’s probably Amber’s girlfriend.

As she approached them, she was taken aback as she noticed that Amber doesn’t seem to be happy to see her. “What the hell are you doing here?” Amber questioned with a raise of a brow.

“Err, someone invited me?” Victoria answered back. Okay? Did I do something wrong?

“Hey, who’s she?” the girl with Amber asked, looking at her up and down.

“Ppororiya..” Victoria rolled her eyes, “My name’s not Ppororiya.”

“Like I care?”

“I’m Victoria. Victoria Song.” Victoria introduced herself to the girl, ignoring Amber’s glare.

“Choi Sulli,” the girl answered back and Victoria muses that she has the most angelic smile she had ever seen in her life.

“Okay, chop chop, I’m hungry.” Amber interrupted, pulling Sulli away, leaving Victoria all by herself.



“The party hasn’t started yet but he’s already drunk.”

“You don’t have to tell me that, Kibum. I’m not blind.”

“Just saying.”

“Hyung, what are we going to do?”

“Just shut up Siwon, that’ll do.”

Hangeng could hear Heechul, Kibum and Siwon conversing as he kept on drowning himself in alcohol. He attended Sungmin’s brother’s birthday party just because of the boosts so he thought that he might as well make the most out of it.

The past week had been rough for him. Victoria wasn’t talking to him, even it’s about work. He tried to open up a casual talk but nothing’s working. The whole week had been nothing but terrible.

“Tsk, what would that Victoria girl say if she sees you this way?” Heechul asked as he snatched the bottle of soju from Hangeng.

“She wouldn’t even care if I shot myself with a gun in front of her.” Hangeng deadpanned, snatching the bottle back.

“Then do it, she’s coming here at the party.”

Upon hearing that, Hangeng choked on his glass of soju and squeaked a, “WHATTTT?!”

“I asked for another invitation card from Sungmin and gave it to her. I wanted to convince her today to give you another chance but seeing how messed up you are…yeah, see you in hell?”

Hangeng almost cried.

F’uck this.



“BUT I DON’T KNOW ANYONE HERE ASIDE FROM YOU! I can’t find the person I’m looking for here so I might as well stick with you guys.”

Amber was sure that her blood pressure had never been this high before. Sulli’s enough to make her blood boil in anger and now with Victoria clinging to her, she’s sure that she’ll have a erupting volcano atop her head anytime soon.

“By the way Tori-unni, who invited you here?”

Another thing that annoys her is Sulli’s angelic façade in front of Victoria and her constantly calling the older ‘Tori-unni’.

“Heechul-oppa…” Victoria answered silently with a sigh. Ohhhh, the diva huh?

Sulli just nodded her head in understanding as they went on pigging out the pastries on one of the tables set-upped. The two went into a small talk while Amber watched them, clearly uninterested with Zara and Louis Vuitton.

“Amber! Sulli!” a voice called out making Amber’s stomach churn.

Oh crap, here he is

“Henry!!!!!” Sulli excitedly waved at Henry as he waved back and approached them. Amber was reminded again about her theory that there’s a possibility that Henry probably likes Sulli, making her heart break just a little.

What the hell Amber, stop being paranoid.

“You guys made it.” Henry beamed.

“Of course! Amber won’t – HMPPPPP!!” Amber immediately slapped a hand over Sulli’s mouth before she could go on. Sulli should really learn to shut up during this kind of situations.

“Hi, you’re Henry I presume?” Victoria asked. Henry nodded, slightly confused, “I’m Victoria by the way.” She said before Henry could ask for her name.

“Nice to meet-”




Amber along with Henry and Sulli exchanged glances before turning their gazes to Victoria who currently have her eyes widen in shock, mouth agape.

Okay, what the hell is happening? Amber’s mind went, looking back at forth at Victoria and Hangeng.






Everyone’s looking at the unexpected scene now, people mumbling at each other. Amber observed Victoria as she clutches her fist tightly, ready to burst. It must be really hard for her to be, err…proposed to at this kind of way.


“STOP IT HANGENG-SSHI!” Victoria finally yelled out in frustration, making everyone gasp. And Amber’s playful mind went, Cue melodramatic OST here!

“I don’t like you, okay!” Victoria continued. Henry nudged Amber’s shoulder and she nudged back as she continue to watch the interesting scene.

“I have Chocolate now, so stop bothering me!” she kept on and Amber went alert at that. Wait, I’m Chocolate right? Oh s’hit!

“Who’s Chocolate?” Henry asked from behind her. Amber’s about to answer him that she has no idea who it is when suddenly, Victoria pulled her.

And then everyone gasped.

Victoria just kissed her, full on the lips.


Korean Air, Flight KE 12 from Los Angels have finally arrived to Incheon.

She held the butterfly shaped pendant close to her heart and rose from her seat with a cheerful smile. It’s nice to be back to where she truly belongs, where her family is. But seeing the person she treasures so much once again is what she’s looking forward to than anything else.

She made a mistake of letting this person go and now she’s determined to have them back.

“You’re Butterfly is finally here, Henry.”


A/N: idky it took me a long time to type this haha xD I think most of these are kinda wordy though lajsdnkasjdksadlasdjkasdja and and about Donghae's english name...we'll write something about it soon :D and we made Amber 'Lee' instead of 'Liu' since yeah, Donghae and her are suppose to be siblings XD there might be some typos, I'm too lazy to edit hahahahaha!

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