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[FIC] Chocolate Love Relay

Title: Chocolate Love Relay
Authors: lucid_acolyte and sassydork
Rating: PG 13 (for some words)
Characters: Henry, Amber, Victoria, Hangeng, Heechul, Super Junior, F(X)
Warnings: AU, swear words, yaoi? 8D
Summary: They said that eating chocolate can be compared to feeling in love. However, they also said that it's still an imitation and can't be compared to the real one. So can a chocolate coated love ever turn into a true one? Or it'll just stay as is, melting when things get bad leaving only a sticky mess behind?

1st chocolate: I got you babe, my Chocolate Love

"Here's your cafe latte. Thank you for the patronage. Please come again."

Victoria smiled at their last customer. It was a normal day at Chocolove Cafe. The usual crowd was there not to mention a few new ones trying out their specials. She feels content knowing that business was good and everything. It was a lovely day. It was --

" look great." Hangeng, their manager greeted.

Ok...maybe there were some few bumps.

"Are you...are you doing anything after shift? I thought...uhm...we dinner?" he looked at her with hopeful eyes behind those thick spectacles. Victoria kept herself from cringing since she knew it would hurt the nice man.

"Sorry Hangeng-ssi, I have plans this evening. Raincheck?" she flashed him a smile hoping he would buy her lie.

"Ah...I see...Sorry for the bother." Hangeng gave her an uneasy smile back and it almost made her tell him the truth. Well...almost.

Honestly, Hangeng's the type you'll date when all seems hopeless. She's not really a superficial person but Hangeng's an exemption. With his thick glasses, pimple-ridden face, fashion style that could even make her grandmother look hip, who would actually date him? She tried having lunch with him once and he's the perfect gentleman. He's nice and all He just can't shut up about trot and the periodic table of elements. He's just not her type.

"Who are you going with anyway?" He asked as an afterthought.

Definitely NOT her type. Her type would not even ask and put her on hot water. She tried coming up with a name but pulled blank. She glanced at him, still waiting for her answer.

"Um..I'm going with uh..." she saw the complimentary chocolates on the counter.

"Chocolate? That's the guy's name?" Hangeng looked at her like she had grown another head.

"Really! He'll be here in a few minutes." She looked at the clock. Two minutes until closing time. Maybe Hangeng had the memory of a goldfish even though he's like the walking encyclopedia. Or she can pretend to get a message saying her date would be late and they'll meet in another place.

"Excuse me?" a voice from the door interrupted. Hangeng was about to say that they are closed but Victoria took this chance.


Hankyung watched Victoria drag the new comer out the minute their shift was over. Just as he thought, he would be turned down again.

'At least she didn't do anything harsh...' He sighed. Maybe he should give up. But how can he? He had already fallen for the one who saved his life.

Thinking back, all that he could remember was his savior's large eyes. He wasn't really thinking about suicide back then but the water looked inviting. Next thing he know, he was coughing up water and everything was hazy. He remembered someone screaming for an ambulance though when he tried to focus,it just caused him a headache. He will never forget those eyes though. So when he first laid his sight on Victoria, he knew she's the one.

He was pulled from his thoughts with the vibration on his pocket. After checking the caller, he turned it off. He doesn't want to deal with his bestfriend who he knew would chew his head off once the word gets out he was shot down again.

"Did he just turned off the phone?" Heechul looked at his phone then at Siwon who was sorting some files. "Siwon...did he just turned off the phone?!" He shoved the cellphone in front of the other man, trying to keep his anger at bay.

"Who hyung?" Siwon looked at the receiver and nodded. "Yes Heechul-hyung. Hankyung-hyung just--" he was cut off when Heechul let out a frustrated scream.

"He was turned down again! I knew it! That girl doesn't know what a great guy he is and that idiot Hangeng doesn't know how to give up! Argh!"

Siwon tentatively wrapped his arms around the ranting Heechul who squeezed it when his rant died down. He was patting the other's back soothingly when the door opened.

"Am I interrupting something?" That person flashed them a smile but Siwon knew what the other was thinking.

"Shut up Kibum. Come here and comfort me just like what Siwon is doing."


Amber knew there's got to be some cosmic imbalance happening in the world. her once peaceful life was now a chaotic mess. She has routines! ROUTINES!!!

First, her bestfriend took her books and put it in Henry Lau's locker. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. Her bestfriend stole her books and put it in THE Henry-school-prodigy-who-she's-been-secretly-crushing-on-since-ever-but-apparently-it's-not-so-hidden Lau's locker. She had a big test this upcoming Friday so she had no choice but ask him. Fortunately, he agreed and they were suppose to meet fifteen minutes ago in Chocolove Cafe. However, Sulli decides to be a scatterbrain again so she wasted ten minutes on helping her find her missing -lucky- pen which happens to be on her ear the whole time.

Oh yes, She will kill Sulli for this. She then looked at the girl who's currently dragging her to who know where. So she grabbed her hand making the said girl stumble. Out of instinct, she broke her fall but left them in a very compromising situation with the other girl cradled in her breast.

"...YOU'RE A GIRL?!"

"So?" Amber rolled her eyes. She's a bit stupid. Can't she see she have girl parts. Of course, she's a girl.

"I told my boss I was dating you!" Okay...she's deranged. Can't her life get any worse?

"Amber?" Henry's soft voice made her blood ran cold.

Great. Life couldn't get just fucking better.


A/N: This is a collaboration between sassydork and I. Kekekekeke Welcome to our insane world~ XD
Tags: ! au, ! cris and may are insane and they know, ! fanfic: chocolate love relay, % series, & fandom: f(x), & fandom: super junior, * subject: amber, * subject: hangeng, * subject: heechul, * subject: henry, * subject: victoria
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