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[DRABBLE] Broken Promise

Title: Broken Promise
Pairing: broken!Henry/Amber, Henry/?
Rating: G
Summary: The world's most beautiful lie was when I said that I would love you forever
A/N: Originally a NicBer fic revised the gender obviously lol. To understand it more, I think you need to listen/understand THIS SONG ^^ I'll work on the chatlogs and CLR soon!

I'll wait for you for forever.

You smile, laugh, and went with your life like you did before he came to your life. The promises you made all broken now, buried five feet under the ground. You were happy with him, that's a fact. His charming smile that make your stomach churn in excitement, his touches light on your skin as if you're as delicate as a porcelain, his voice husky like sandpaper but soothing as a feather, his kisses that makes your knees tremble - everything about him.

But he left you first, found someone else and now you're all alone by yourself. Forgetting. Lying. Smiling. Laughing.

Happy. Happy like how you've been all your life.

Loving him was painful, loving him was unexpected, loving him was the best thing you ever did.

But loving him was the worst as well.

You look at him as she smiled at her - her; eyes as clear as a crystal, smiles as sweet as honey, heart as pure as water, voice as lovely as an angel's. She's perfect, unlike you. They're perfect, unlike you - your relationship as rough as a rocky street, as bad as the stormy weather.

You resented him for leaving you, but you have to move on and you did. You no longer dream about him. His touches that used to linger on your skin now gone. You wake up every morning with a smile, not with swollen eyes from crying the whole night. You can now catch up with your friends that you left just for him, their encouraging words keeping you sane.

You resented him, but you have no right to hate him. Because finally; you're forgetting.

The world's most beautiful lie was when I said that I would love you forever.
Tags: ! au, ! pairing: henry/amber, % drabble, & fandom: f(x), & fandom: super junior, * subject: amber, * subject: henry
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